The "Year One: Transformation Bootcamp for Extreme Fat Loss" program was designed by American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer and health coach, Brandi Nik Kilbourne with the intention of helping clients who are severely overweight significantly reduce their total body fat, increase mobility, and achieve better health and fitness in their lives. This is a 3-in-1 hybrid virtual, remote, and live training program focusing on fitness, nutrition, and health mastery. 



* 52-week Client/Coach Agreement  

* Year One Welcome Kit with 1-month supplement supply, 4 meal plans booklets (one for each phase),1 journal, 1 mirror, 1 measuring tape, 1 water bottle with built in water filter, 1 fitness tracker    

* 52-week Exercise Program 

* 52-week Nutrition Program

* 1 60-minute group Zoom Webinar Year One Health Coaching session per week   

* Unlimited access to in-person Year One workouts when they occur

* FitNu Life Rewards following each completed phase including a voucher to a CNG Fitcation Retreat (either domestic or international) at the end of Phase 4

Virtual Year One: Transformation Bootcamp for Extreme Fat Loss