Would you like to burn through unwanted body fat and build metabolism boosting muscle? If your answer is a resounding YES, then our personal training packages are for you.


The ESSENTIALS programs are designed for your trainers to support you without you having to commit to scheduled video or in-person sessions. These programs are ideal for someone who is busy and has an unpredictable schedule but who would still like to benefit from having a trainer guide them and encourage them on their fitness journey.



☑ A Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire that helps our Certified Personal Trainers & Health Coaches deliver the appropriate workouts to you

☑ 12 workouts per month designed by a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach to help you reach your FAT LOSS goals 

☑ Workouts that target every body part and move through all primary movement patterns for better mobility and strength 

☑ Access to our app so you can track your progress.

☑ Progress photos and weigh ins at the start and end of each program


ESSENTIALS LIFE (36 workouts)

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