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Accepting Families With Children Ages 5-7 for 2023 Fall Cohort

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Billionaire Tea Club is a family centered financial wellness program that begins when a child is 5 years of age and continues until they are 25. During the course of this program, the child and their family will learn the necessary components of financial and occupational wellness through hands-on learning and skills application.

This exclusive program accepts families via invite and through an interview process. If you would like for you or your family to be considered for this program, click the link below to request a membership interview or for more information. 


Grade 1 (Ages 5-7) focus on learning basic skills centered around strategy, developing discipline and mental fortitude, reading, learning new languages, coding and understanding the financial concepts of investing, and real estate.  

Grade 2 (Ages 8-11) continue to develop the skills learned in their previous studies. In addition, they learn how to do investment research, understand their passions and interests, as well as social impact projects.

Grade 3 (Ages 12-15) now begin to see themselves in a position to start and manage a business based on what they love, expanding their knowledge of the world through travel, social responsibility and the financial concept of taxes. 

Grade 4 (Ages 16-19) will learn how to keep the money that they earn, learn how to earn residual income, and will begin to facilitate their own coursework in order to further solidify their understanding.

Grade 5 (Ages 20-25) are now ready to move into adulthood and contribute to the community via their businesses and investments. Our Billionaire Tea Club community will support them in their success.   

2023 Program Dates:

FALL/WINTER - September 4, 2023- December 22, 2023

SPRING - January 8 - June 28, 2024

SUMMER BREAK - July 8 -  August 30, 2024

*Once a graduate has gone through all program grades, they will be eligible for entry into the Billionaire Tea Club Global Mastermind Group

** All Graduates are eligible for angel investing from the Billionaire Tea Club Network to help fund their business ventures